A Healthy Thank You to Our Nurses

School Nurse


May 12 is National School Nurse Appreciation Day. Join the HSD in saluting our amazing school nurses, Molly Scott and Shawn Cass. 

Every day, school nurses play an important role in ensuring that our nation’s school children are prepared and supported to learn. While their support would be important in any year, it is especially critical this year as we have worked so hard to safely reopen our schools!

School nurses serve as a critical resource for schools, ensuring students are ready for learning by 

managing chronic health conditions, 

identifying and addressing mental health issues, 

leveling the field on health issues and promoting healthy behaviors, 

enrolling children in health insurance and connecting families to health care providers, 

handling medical emergencies, 

and this school year, helping us track and respond to instances involving COVID-19.

So today and every day, we give thanks to Nurses Molly Scott (HHES) and Shawn Cass (HMS & HHS) for supporting the health and safety of our staff, students, and families. 


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