Thank You, HSD Counselors!


The role of school counselor encompasses a number of other situational roles, including: Advocate; Coach; Guide; Mentor, Problem-solver; Advisor; and Schedule-builder. Each school counselor in Washington State is a professional educator with a school counselor certificate and, in many cases, a graduate degree. These contributions of these valued professionals are noticed every day, but National School Counselor Appreciation Week gives us a special opportunity to let them know how much we appreciate the positive difference they make in the lives of students.

Together, the fantastic foursome of Vickie Hermann (HHES), Jessica Ambrose (HMS), and Myke Pace and Brian Kimber (HHS) help our 1,700+ students navigate myriad questions and situations throughout their K-12 experience.  They provide personalized support, communicate with families, and help to create a positive and welcoming environment at each school.

Counselors are always there to help our students. This week, everyone in the HSD community is encouraged to show their appreciation for all they do to "prepare all students for future success."

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