New Website = Changes & New Home for Board Mtg. Links


The new HSD website went live on September 7. With the new format come some changes - in website appearance and organization.

Why make this change on September 7 and not, say, mid-August? Well, we tried. But our website provider finished this redesign on August 31 and at that point it seemed to make the most sense to hold off until the second week of school rather than add another surprise to the first week of school.

When you visit the new site, you'll see that a number of things have been moved around and even added. One addition is the "Quick Links" menu:


You may have also noticed that Student and Family Links are also located in this menu (they are also accessible via the new "Students & Families" menu in the main navigation).

One change that we want to announce is a reduced use of the Alert Notification bar at the top of home page. We have been advised by our provider to use that feature sparingly as it should be reserved for emergencies. Also, using it can distort the rest of the page content.  For most of the 2020-21 school year, school board links were posted as an Alert Notification. 2021-22 school board meeting links will now be available in the calendar event, which users can access by clicking on each calendar event. Example: Click on "9/13 Board Work Session" event to view that work session' s location and Zoom link.

We expect some of these changes will lead to some unhappiness. But although buttons are located in different spots and the navigation menu is much smaller than it used to be, all of the content that was on the old website is still accessible on the new site. We hope that in the days ahead you come to enjoy the new look, feel, and functionality of our new district site and school sites.

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