The Hockinson Holiday Bows are back! And just in time…

bows on tree

December has arrived, and with the shortened days often shrouded in clouds or rain, it can sometimes be hard to resist the urge to dive back under the covers and hibernate for the season – especially after months of quarantine and uncertainty. This is why Hockinson community members Bryson Kornell (age 6), Kaden Kornell (age 10), Brianna Spencer (age 11) and Ella White (age 11), led by parents Michelle Spencer and Becky Kornell, are working extra hard to add smiles and that special hometown holiday sparkle to our Hockinson community by tying red bows to every stop sign, street sign, tree, and fence post between the high school, the Hockinson Market, and the middle school.  

hockinson sign with red bow

According to Becky, the bows are meant to bring not only smiles to individuals but are meant to “encourage the Hockinson community to participate in the spreading of holiday cheer by adding their own bows to the town” while keeping our community members close at heart this holiday season.

This is the group’s second year bedecking Hockinson with holiday bows, but the group doesn’t stop there. They have found ways to bring extra love year-round to those who need it most. For example, the group left inspiring messages written in chalk at the high school when the building first closed in the spring, and they regularly leave painted stones with heart-warming messages throughout the community.

fire station sign with red bow

HSD would like to give thanks to our everyday Hockinson Hometown Heroes like Michelle, Becky, and their crew, who used bows to remind us of the biggest present we all can be grateful for this year: a Hockinson community that cares for each other. 

So, check in on your neighbor, send your friend a message just because, tell a family member you love them - and hang a big red bow on main street to let people know you care.

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