HMST Hosts Hockinson Hometown Lights

Hometown Lights

The Hockinson Main Street Team wants to remind us to be thankful for our special community this Thanksgiving.  How are they doing this?  The HMST will flip the switch on its first-ever Hockinson Hometown Lights on Thanksgiving Day and the lights will remain on until 2021.  As explained on the HMST website, the event is symbolic: "This year has been rough, but with a little creativity, we can all find a light in the dark. It’s time to shine, Hockinson!"

The event is 100% volunteer-driven.  The lights were donated or purchased with cash donations.  Volunteers, led by Greenwood Painting, helped to hang them on buildings along Hockinson's main intersection.  A donation also covers the cost of electricity needed to illuminate the lights that have been strung on HSD property.

The HMST hopes these lights raise spirits and brighten the dark nights of winter.


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