HSD Campuses Open for Summer Community Use


The signs read: "Campus Closed." But if you look closer you will see the qualifier: "...when school is in session." And if you look around a little more you will see reminders about acceptable use: No firearms, no animals, and - especially this summer - no fireworks!

The HSD wants families to know that the outside facilities at HHES, HMS, and HHS are available for your use through September 1.  Campus gates will be unlocked by 8 am Mon-Sun and closed at dusk.  The only exception is Sunday, July 4 when all gates will remain locked all day.

Hockinson residents should also be aware that this access is only for recreational and individual/family activities. Organized events, such as:

  • Team (club) practices 
  • Team (club) games
  • Tournaments
  • Sports training or lessons for pay

and other commercial activities must be register through Community Education (website: LINK  or email: charity.schadt@hocksd.org). These type of events must complete a Facility Rental Agreement and fulfill a few different requirements such as proof of insurance.

This brings us to our final reminder: Be aware that your access might be impacted by an organized event.

Other than these guidelines, we encourage you to stop by any HSD campus this summer to play and exercise. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or notice any safety concerns please contact the HSD District Office at (360) 448-6400. 







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