HHES annual concert takes virtual format for 2021


The performing arts is an important part of not only our students’ academic experience, but of their social-emotional growth and development as well.  So this year when Covid-19 restricted the ability to have its traditional concert, our Elementary School Music Program planned for a virtual concert, which will be available to our community soon. 

As it turns out, planning a virtual concert is no easy task! It involves a team of people partnering together in a way that stretches their comfort level and skill set. Working together, Ms. Megan Miles and Mrs. Rebekka Ramirez researched ways to transform the idea of a virtual concert into a reality. Many hours were spent watching tutorials and reading about how to use new video editing software that would allow for such a large and intricate editing process of stitching together lots of video segments.  

Ms. Miles and Mrs. Ramirez created guide videos for each student to follow and sing along with so that the timing of each song matched with their peers. Students were instructed to wear headphones while performing along with the guide videos so they could hear the accompaniment, while a grown up or sibling recorded them with a separate device. Students (and parents) played an important role in preparing themselves for this performance as they not only had to learn the music, but also the technology involved in submitting their concert songs! 

Virtual or not, preparing for a concert takes time and practice. Concert materials went out in November for students to practice. Students worked on their concert material in their weekly music Zoom class as well as part of their independent practice work for that week. Each month since February, our music teachers focused on collecting songs from each grade level to begin the editing process of merging single voices together into a unified ensemble. Students have also been working with their art teachers, Miss Sonja Einerson and Ms. Nancy O’Neill-Bratt, to prepare artwork that will be featured alongside the musical performances in a collaborative opportunity for inter-arts connections.

In the face of such adversity this past year, Hockinson’s elementary music and art teachers and students are thrilled to reveal a musical product that truly highlights the positive impacts of creativity, flexibility, cooperation, and growth mindset in our schools. Students will be sharing with our community powerful messages of being kind, calm, and thankful, even during difficult times. 

The HHES Virtual Concert will be shared with Hockinson families on Friday, May 21. The link will be posted on the website and sent out via email to families, and it will remain active after the premiere for folks who aren't able to watch the live streaming event. 

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