November 2016

Our top priorities this year involve overseeing the implementation of our bond and levies in the building program for the Elementary School, High School and the new Middle School. This is an exciting time for the district, and we are very grateful to the citizens of Hockinson for investing in our students and teachers, and ensuring that we are able to maintain a high-quality, safe learning environment into the future. 

Our Board, made up of five elected citizen-volunteers, oversees district policies and goals, and ensures the best use of our community’s financial resources. I like to say that we don’t run the school district, but we see that the school district is well run. 

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, which take place on Mondays twice a month, except November and December. Citizens with a concern or idea to share are allotted two minutes each to address the Board. However, we’ve found that it’s often most expeditious to speak first with one of our Board members or, if it’s a school-related issue, to start by contacting the school, because in many cases that is where the issue will be resolved.

Thank you all for your support of Hockinson’s schools!